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Birthdate:Jan 1
Words to remember in any and all endeavors:

Bertrand Russell - "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."
Charles Darwin - "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

Click here for your moment of zen.

Ada is awesome.

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a midsummer night's dream, abby sciuto, adult swim, alice/rain, amazons, amber benson, ami/makoto, anissa/grace, anne marie/eden, baby doll/miriam, batgirl, beethoven's moonlight sonata, bel/rebecca/weda, bif naked, black canary/oracle, blade's edge, bloodrayne/mynce, body modifications, books without happy endings, bop moresomes, boston cream donuts, breadsticks, bwahs, callisto, chelsea/raven, cherry/dakota, chopsticks, cold weather, colleen/misty, corsets, cybil/rose, daydreaming at night, death rays, dogma, earth tones, elphaba/glinda, enter... zombie king, everything bagels, excel/hyatt, fairy tales, faith lehane, faith/tara, fanfiction, flannel, fresh pineapple, funky nailpolish colors, ginger snaps, girls in drag, glasses, gotham girls, gratuitous lesbianism, gratuitous violence, hale + guu, harley quinn, harley/ivy, harvest moon, hero/victoria, heroines, homemade pewter jewelry, honeysuckle/poison ivy, hooch/tonks, howard dean, hungry lucy, idina menzel, independent films, insanity, internet drama, introverts, io/wonder woman, irreverence, italian bread, jemima rooper, jet girl/tank girl, josie/mel/val, kagura/sakaki, katamari damacy, kate mulgrew, kingdom of loathing, knockout/scandal, knowledge kink, kristin chenoweth, late night writing binges, lesbian pirates, letty/mia, lickable wallpaper, lo-ball, lucubration, lybris, mara/urd, margaret cho, masuimi max, metric, misspelled intrests, monopoly, morpha's mommy's cookies, mythology, necrotech, nell/theo, o-ren ishii/sofie fatale, obscure femslash pairings, onyx uniball pens, orange soda, palindromes, planning zombie escape routes, psychological terror, psychology, quiet, rain, raven/starfire, really bad movies, reboot, repression, resident evil, rosario dawson, sailor moon, salad, sarah rainmaker, scout manslayer, shina slash, silver, sleeping, sneaker pimps, strangers in paradise, strangers with candy, strong women, subtext, taking pictures, the science of slacking, the scream trilogy, the season song, the sims 2, twelfth night, uda the beast, upright citizens brigade, valkyries, vampires, velma, vintage pin-ups, wicked, words, xena, your ex-lover is dead, zombie movies
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