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Doll Face by Andy Huang.

A gorgeous (if pretentious) morality play for the myspace generation.
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Or Say What Again.

One of the most notorious exchanges in Pulp Fiction in motion typography (with audio, so nsfw).

I really love the motion typography method. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my tendency to turn the subtitles on any tv I watch, no matter how loud it is.

More of the same. Machobox on Brazil.

In other news, I've fiddled with my lj again. And it is once again a muted series of browns. One day I'll get colors on it, swears.

I went for a walk yesterday. I'd only meant for it to be an hour or two, but silly me walked two hours in a fairly straight line and then remembered I probably should have taken into account that half of the alloted time would have to be spent walking back. So it turned into a long-ass walk. NTS: Don't ever do that again.

I also forgot to eat yesterday, which made the walk extra fun. I was going to stop and grab a bite, but when I stepped into the McDonald's my stomach did a funny little churn at the smells, and after about a minute the churns turned into dry heaves and I had to run away. I tried Steak and Shake, but the same thing happened. So I picked up a bottled water from a gas station and tried not to think about french fries.

Then I made it home and spent the evening drinking gatorade and watching Najica Blitz Tactics. (Made of panty shots it is.)

I think I might do that tonight as well. Man, I missed having nothing to do on my weekends.


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