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In the interest of updating, today is the first time I've been drunk in my 23 years. It's kinda fun when I'm not the DD. I would like to state ftr that I am a light weight, and I'm pretty sure the risque-est thing I did was thwap some chick's bra strap while in line at the gross bathrooms at Bounce. But hell, I'm only 85% sure it was a chick. Maybe 75%. There are, like, 45 minutes after mainlining the shitty cherry vodka/pineapple crap I got as my first drink that are kinda blurry. It was Girls A GoGo, the gender binaries are kinda fucked there.

I'm kinda embarrassed really, but you only get one time to document your first drunken escapade. And if I ever run for political office, I'd like it to be known that I am as boring drunk as I am stone cold sober.

Huzzah couch.
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Important update: I broke my phone like, a week and a half ago, so if you've called me since then I didn't get your message. IDK when I'm getting it replaced, because my mother's been using my upgrades to get phones with cameras and internet access and hidden pocket knives. And since I've had that phone forever, I've lost the number of everyone who ever had cause to call me.

Soooo, if you want to leave me numbers to transfer if/when I get my new phone or if you want to get the house number for an emergency, you can comment on this screened post.

To add some content, have boring WoW picspam. I remember LJ html! )

Giant pictures are giant.
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Welcome to actually having a future.

It's kinda nice, ain't it?

Bonus: Dennis Kucinich.

I'ma go watch lesbians all night in celebration.

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FTR: Telling your manager to STFU is not the path to promotion.

I'm taking bets now on whether I'll still have this job tomorrow.
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Dennis Kucinich is a MAGNIFICENT BASTARD.


[ETA] I am so happy right now. He was brill, Pelosi is gonna spin and it will be amazing. THINGS THAT NEEDED TO BE SAID OMG. I only got the last five articles-ish, so I am desperate for a full video of the four (five?) hours he was talking, and the liveblogging is just blood in the water and I REQUIRE MORE.

Kucinich is my vicodin, I haven't noticed any pain from the root canal since I hit up CSPAN. om nom nom Kucinich
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Retail is LAME LAME LAME, especially when I have to close 4 out of 5 days a week.

And how does someone steal a three piece set of luggage?
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Things I have learned in the last month:

- People have no concept of personal space when you are a retail wage slave
- Giant Eagle's gas station is fucking evil and I swear they're thinning the gas with SOMETHING
- Eastern European women like my hair
- I button clothes in a very passive aggressive manner
- I hate retail with every twitchy muscle, frayed nerve, and broken nail in/on my body
- I can easily double my wardrobe with two pairs of pants
- I like clothes when I get a 20% discount

In summation: I do not get paid NEARLY enough to spend 7 hours working a fitting room.
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Family sans sister and I are going to WV for the holiday. After Sunday it'll be just me and the cat for a week.

A week of mind-numbingly boring hours filled with job applications and daytime TNT. Blurgh. I need to start knitting again.
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Rilo Kiley omg.

I shouldn't spend the money. I really really really shouldn't, because I still haven't found a job, but I WANT TO GO SO BAD.

$30 = 2 days of food or one video game or a week's pull list or overseas shipping.

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The snow is piled 5 feet high outside, and the roads were too bad for me to get out all weekend. I AM GOING MAD.

[ETA] I wish this would download faster so I had something to waaaaaaaaaatch.
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Argh, democratic process.

Ohio ballots still had Kucinich as a presidential candidate. I was so tempted. But right below that was mah Dennis for Congress, so I was appeased. Eventually.

I had to get three ballots because I couldn't make up my damn mind.

Racists fucks in front of my polling place made for fun times.

And Clinton is the projected winner at 56% [circa 12:00am].

So... uh. Whatever. I feel like I'm 15 in the grungy 90s. I just want to say "Man" a lot and wax poetic about shaking up the establishment. But it's 2008, and I'm not 15. Which means I just spend an evening glaring at projections in my sweatpants and wondering if the drunk guy that slurred obscenities about Obama and his supporters at me will be found by school children in the morning, snoring in a gutter, or if he ever found the Ron Paul van that left him behind.
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I made funnel cakes tonight. They are fucking delicious and I can not stop flailing. The best part is, there's so much powdered sugar on the things that you can't even see how ugly my first few turned out.

Lemon sugar OM NOM NOM.

[ETA] Since I'm posting anyway, here's a video of Tender Forever covering Timberlake's My Love.

That's right, she's playing a ukulele.
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So, for those just tuning in, final birthday plans are BD's Mongolian BBQ in Coventry on Sunday, at 3-ish. I say -ish because I know I always get lost, so I'm accounting for everyone else ending up in Canada.
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I bought myself a DS Lite as an early birthday present. It is black and shiny and I spent ten minutes in the car going... "stylus is where now?" Once I figured that out it was all good though.

Mmm, more Harvest Moon.

I'm bored.

Jan. 31st, 2008 10:34 pm
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Time for another round of Show Me Your Computer Desktop!

Here's mine, already cluttered up. )


Jan. 25th, 2008 01:35 pm
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So my choice is OR DEATH?

Fuckity fuck. Now I don't even get my feel good primary vote. I was so pleased to be able to vote my conscience and still support the Democratic ticket in the presidential. WHY YOU DO THIS DENNIS?

I suppose it's time to go read up on Obama and Clinton.

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Sooo... I caught someone else on my WoW account. They managed to clear out just about all of my alts on Blade's Edge, my personal guild bank, and my main. I changed the password before they could take out the bank funds, but just seconds after they'd deleted poor Lyta.

What makes this especially galling is the fact that I just found a raiding guild that might accept me full feral yesterday, and I was signing in to unwind and instance a bit for new gear to improve my chances of getting in.

I've yet to figure out how they got my password. Scans so far show nothing suspicious. And Blizzard hasn't gotten back to me.

At least now I have an excuse to play with my Alliance alts.
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Why can't I sleeeeep? It's dark, aren't I supposed to be hardwired for sleepy-time now?

I even tried bribing myself with gifts from [ profile] anna_sinistra and it didn't work. I think this might be a mild case of claustrophobia, but wtf I don't know what to do about it. I can't just go running around all day aimlessly to get out of the house.

I mean, a job would help, but if I have to apply to one more job/go to one more interview and get that "You don't have any cashier experience? Really?" spiel one more time, I'm just going to start a brothel.

I need a new plan. Also, chocolate. 5am donut runs ft-.
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Or lack thereof. )

I am so badass with my remembering basic html.
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I am going to get back into livejournaling. It's been four-ish months since I've posted on this journal, and about that long since I've commented anywhere. I'm going to have to renew my account to force myself to keep up with it again once my money isn't tied up. Not that I have anything much to journal about lately.

Two concerts, one New York trip, and a new computer. Huzzah New Year. My current goal is to write something worth reading. Cross your fingers.
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